DC2 448

Ozerna - 66 Street and 158 Avenue

Bylaw 11514 (December 9, 1997)

To establish a Site Specific Development Control District to accommodate medium density housing consisting of semi-detached housing and row housing with site sensitive development regulations to ensure that development will be compatible with surrounding development and to ensure that the public walkway/bikeway that bisects the site is maintained as part of the neighbourhood circulation system.

This District shall apply to a 2.18 ha (5.39 acre) site at 66 Street and 158 Avenue, Ozerna. The site is comprised of Lot 6, Block 43, Plan 932 2210 (0.43 hectares), a 1.75 hectare portion of Lot B, Plan 922 2399 and a 0.12 hectare portion of Lot 7 PUL, Block 43, Plan 932 2210 as shown on the sketch plan attached to the Bylaw adopting this DC5 District. The District does not apply to the portion of Lot B required for the widening of the 66 Street road right-of-way (refer to Facility Plans S066-9201 & S066-9202).

a. Minor Home Occupations
b. Residential Sales Centre
c. Row Housing
d. Semi-detached Housing
a. Development in this district shall comply with Sections 160.4, 160.5 and other provisions of the Land Use Bylaw except as specified by this district.
b. Where a dwelling backs or flanks onto the public utility lot (Lot 7 PUL), a development setback of 7.5m shall be provided from the edge of the lot.
c. The maximum density shall be 22 dwellings per ha (9 dwelling units per acre).
d. A Row Housing building shall contain no more than four (4) dwelling units.
e. A 1.8 m high solid screen fence, similar to the fencing adjacent to 66 Street to the north, shall be provided along the east boundary of the site adjacent to the 66 Street road right-of-way in accordance with Facility Plans S066-9201 & 9202. A 1.8m high screen fence shall be provided adjacent to the north, west, and south boundaries of the site. Fencing shall not interfere with the public walkway/bikeway function of Lot 7 PUL.
f. Fencing may be used at the intersection of the walkway/bikeway within Lot 7 PUL and the private road crossing to mitigate conflict between pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic to the satisfaction of the Transportation and Streets Department. Such fencing shall not interfere with the public walkway/bikeway function of Lot 7 PUL.
g. Lighting, signage and a traffic calming device such as a "raised table" shall be utilized in the area of the pipeline crossing to address potential on-site circulation and public walkway/bikeway traffic conflicts to the satisfaction of the Transportation and Streets Department.
h. No access shall be allowed through this site to lands to the west or north.
i. No parking, and no development other than the public walkway and the private road, shall be allowed on Lot 7 PUL.

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