DC2 432

Belmont - south of 132A Avenue and west of 34 Street

Bylaw 11393 (as amended) (April 14, 1997)

To establish a Site Specific Development Control District for single family residential development based on the RSL (Residential Small Lot) District with sensitive site development criteria to ensure the integrity of the Northwestern Utilities gas pipeline located adjacent to 34 Street by prohibiting front drive access to lots adjacent to 34 Street and by requiring the provision of a laneway for access and servicing of lots fronting onto 34 Street.

This District shall apply to a portion of Lot 26, Block 5, Plan 3491 TR, located south of 132A Avenue and west of 34 Street, Belmont.

a.Single Detached Housing
b.Limited Group Homes
c.Minor Home Occupations
a. Development in this District shall comply with Section 111 and other provisions of the Land Use Bylaw except as specified by this District.
b. Single Detached Housing located adjacent to the gas pipeline adjacent to 34 Street shall not include dwellings with front attached garages, and shall not include front driveways or parking areas accessed from 34 Street;
c. A laneway shall be provided for access and servicing of lots adjacent to the gas pipeline right-of-way.
d. That the front yard for lots fronting onto 34 Street be reduced to 4.5 m, measured from the edge of the pipeline right-of-way, provided that:
i. a walk is constructed within the private property;
ii. the pipeline right-of-way is demarcated on the west side by a decorative fence;
iii. additional cover (fill) is provided on the pipeline right-of-way to create a low berm; and,
iv. provision of signage and landscaping materials to both identify the pipeline and prevent inappropriate development or activities on the pipeline right-of-way.
e. The maximum total site coverage shall not exceed 45% with a maximum of 35% for the principal building and a maximum of 15% for accessory buildings. Where a garage is attached or designed as an integral part of the Dwelling, the maximum site coverage for the principal building shall be 45%.
f. The minimum distance from the rear property line for a detached garage where the vehicle doors face the lane shall be 1.2 m (3.94 ft.).
g. That the minimum rear yard for those lots fronting onto 35 Street which are less than 31m in depth, shall be 6.5 m, except in the case of a corner site, it shall be 4.5m.

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