DC2 387

Dunluce, Castle Downs - north side of 161 Avenue and west of 121 Street

Bylaw 10962 (July 24, 1995)

To provide a site specific development control district to accommodate general retail, convenience commercial and personal service uses which are intended to serve the day to day needs of residents and to prescribe development criteria which will ensure that commercial development is compatible with the residential uses in the immediate vicinity.

Lot 62, Block 56, Plan 782-0085, located on the north side of 161 Avenue and west of 121 Street, Dunluce, Castle Downs.

a. Convenience Retail Stores
b. Health Services
c. Minor Eating and Drinking Establishments
d. Major Eating and Drinking Establishments, subject to the following requirements:
i. no more than one establishment may be permitted in this District at any one time;
ii. banquet facilities and theatre restaurants are not permitted in this District;
iii. the establishment shall not exceed 650 m2 (6,996.8 sq. ft.) in gross floor area;
iv. the maximum number of seats in the restaurant shall be 100;
v. the maximum number of seats in a lounge shall be 100;
vi. the maximum gross floor area of a lounge shall be 520 m2 (5,597.4 sq. ft.), and
vii. there shall be no reduction in the parking requirement for this Use.
e. Major Amusement Establishments, subject to a maximum of six table games or electronic games played by patrons for entertainment as an integral part of the Minor and Major Eating and Drinking Establishments.
f. Personal Service Shops
g. Professional, Financial and Offices Support Services
h. Minor Veterinary Services
i. Commercial Schools
j. Daytime Child Care Services
k. Gas Bars
l. Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services
m. General Retail Stores
n. Minor Secondhand Stores
o. Indoor Participant Recreation Services
p. Religious Assemblies
q. Residential Sales Centre

The following regulations shall apply to all uses:

a. The maximum gross floor area of any individual business premise shall not exceed 275 m² (2,960.07 sq. ft.) except that the Development Officer may allow an individual business premises to have a gross floor area up to 632 m² (6800 sq. ft.) provided that in his opinion the proposed business is primarily intended to serve residents of the neighbourhood. Major Eating and Drinking Establishments are exempted from this clause.
b. The maximum building height shall not exceed 5.5 m (18.0 ft) nor one storey.
c. The maximum floor area ratio shall be 0.30
d. A minimum yard of 6 m (19.7 ft.) shall be required where the site abuts 121 Street and 161 Avenue.
e. Continuous cedar screen fencing of a solid design, a minimum of 1.8 m (6.0 ft.) in height, shall be maintained along the entire length of the north and west property lines of the site.
f. Existing mature plantings and grassed areas within required yards on-site shall be retained.
g. A minimum building setback of 6 m (19.7 ft.) shall be required from the north and west property lines of the site and a one way service lane 3.5 m in width and parallel parking 2.6 m in width within this required setback.
h. No parking, loading, storage, trash collection, outdoor service or display area shall be permitted within a required yard. Loading, storage and trash collection areas shall be located to the rear or sides of the principal buildings and shall be screened from view from the adjacent sites and public roadways.
i. Development shall comply with the following architectural guidelines:
i. exterior building finishes shall consist of brick, cedar, split stone concrete or precast concrete materials, used either separately or in combination.
ii. building roofs shall be finished with cedar shakes, cedar siding, asphalt shingles or clay tiles, unless the roof is concealed from view by other building details, such as a parapet wall, when viewed at normal eye level.
iii. exterior finishing materials shall be limited to muted earth tones, with strong colours limited to use as accents; and
iv. all mechanical equipment on the roof of any building shall be completely screened or incorporated within the building roof.
j. Speed bumps located on all access and egress points on-site, excluding the service lane, shall be maintained.
k. Signs shall be allowed in this District as provided for in Schedule 79D and in accordance with the general conditions of Sections 79.1 to 79.9 inclusive, of the Land Use Bylaw.
l. Daytime Child Care Services shall be developed in accordance with Section 93 of the Edmonton Land Use Bylaw.
m. Gas Bars shall be developed in accordance with Section 82 of the Edmonton Land Use Bylaw 5996 and in addition, a canopy shall be constructed over the gas pump islands to ensure that illumination is directed downwards and away from direct view by adjacent residential uses. Such canopy shall be designed and finished in a manner consistent with the design and finishing of the principal building.
n. Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services shall be developed in accordance with Section 82 of the Edmonton Land Use Bylaw.
o. Residential Sales Centres shall be developed in accordance with Section 95 of the Edmonton Land Use Bylaw 5996.
p. Development in this District shall be evaluated with respect to compliance with the General Development Regulations of Section 50-79 of the Land Use Bylaw 5996.

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