DC2 183

Rideau Park - east of 106 Street and south of 42 Avenue.

Bylaw 9192 (August 8, 1989)

To establish a Site Specific Development Control District to accommodate a limited range of convenience commercial and personal service uses which are intended to serve the day-to-day needs of the residents of Duggan, with site development regulations that will ensure compatibility with future adjacent land uses and the alignment of existing and proposed roadways adjacent to the site.

This DC5 District shall apply to a portion of the Lot 1, Block 35, Plan 852-2249, located east of 106 Street and south of 42 Avenue, Rideau Park, Duggan, as outlined in the sketch attached to this Bylaw.

a. Convenience Retail Stores
b. Health Services
c. Minor Eating and Drinking Establishments
d. Personal Service Shops
e. Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
f. Gas Bars
g. Minor Service Stations
h. Minor Second Hand Stores
i. Daytime Child Care Services

The following regulations shall apply to all uses:

a. The maximum site area shall be 0.55 ha.
b. The maximum floor area ratio shall be 1.0.
c. The maximum gross floor area of an individual business premise shall not exceed 420 m2 (4,521 sq. ft.).
d. A landscaped yard, a minimum of 10.5 m (34.5 feet) in depth shall be provided adjacent to 106 Street and within this yard and 1.5 m of the adjoining boulevard a berm with a height between 1.2 m (3.9 feet) and 1.5 m (4.9 feet) shall be constructed. This berm shall be landscaped with mature evergreen and deciduous trees to the satisfaction of the Development Officer, in consultation with the Parks and Recreation Department, to achieve an attractive visual treatment. This landscaped berm shall be installed prior to or concurrent with any development on this site.
e. A landscaped yard, a minimum of 4.5 m (14.7 feet) shall be provided adjacent to the northern boundary of the site.
f. Entryway landscaping shall be provided on the northwest corner of the site and street trees shall be provided along the northern boundary of the site, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer, in order to achieve a high standard of visual appearance in keeping with entryway and streetscape guidelines for North Duggan attached hereto.
g. The maximum building height shall not exceed 8 m (26.2 feet) nor 2 storeys.
h. No parking, loading, storage, trash collection, outdoor service or display area shall be permitted within a required yard. Loading, storage and trash collection areas shall be located to the rear or sides of the principal building and shall be screened from view from any adjacent site or public roadway in conjunction with Section 69.3 of the Land Use Bylaw.
i. The overall design and finish of buildings shall achieve a residential character in accordance with the North Duggan general design and built form provisions attached hereto.
j. Developments in this district shall be evaluated with respect to compliance with the General Development Regulations of Section 59 to 79 inclusive of the Land Use Bylaw. In this evaluation, the Development Officer may grant relaxations to the regulations contained in Sections 50 through 79 and the provisions of this District with the exception Clauses 4(b) and 4(g) if, in his opinion, such a variance would be in keeping with the General Purpose of this District and would not affect the privacy, amenities, use and enjoyment of neighbouring properties.
k. Signs may be allowed in this District as provided for in Schedule 79D and in accordance with the general provisions of Sections 79.1 to 79.9 inclusive of the Land Use Bylaw, provided that in the opinion of the Development Officer, such signage would be consistent with the signage guidelines for North Duggan attached hereto.
a. Gas Bars and Minor Service Stations shall be developed in accordance with Section 82 of the Edmonton Land Use Bylaw and in addition, a canopy shall be constructed over the gas pump islands to ensure that illumination is directed downward and away from direct view by adjacent residential uses. Such canopy shall be designed and finished in a manner consistent with the design and finishing of the principal building.
b. Daytime Child Care Services shall be developed in accordance with Section 93 of the Land Use Bylaw and shall be located such that direct access at grade can be provided to an outdoor play area. The outdoor play area, which shall be approved by the Development Officer in consultation with the General Manager of Social Services, shall be located away from vehicular-oriented uses and from parking and loading areas on the site and shall be enclosed by building walls or a screen fence, a minimum of 1.8 m high.


North Duggan Design Guidelines

1. General Design Provisions

To achieve the high quality commercial and office/business park environment desired, generalized design guidelines are proposed as follows:

a. The scale of the development shall be consistent with the built form of adjacent land uses.
b. Where significant differences in scale exist, a transition shall be provided to mitigate against visual intrusion.
c. Exterior building materials must be aesthetically compatible with adjacent development, either internal to or external to the site proper.
d. Building forms should be articulated to create visual interest and contribute to the surrounding urban fabric.
e. Major gateways to the site shall be identified by way of appropriate signage and landscaping.
f. The concept for the site shall be complemented with a landscape master plan incorporating general site landscaping requirements, screening of parking and storage areas, and special feature landscaping at site entrances and major focal points internal to the site.


2. Entryways and Streetscape

a. The overall character of the proposed development will be complemented by special design features at each of the three major entry points to the site. Each entryway will be identified by low height signage integrated with soft landscaping. No commercial signage will be allowed within the area immediately in front of the entryways.
b. The streetscape internal to the site will be designed to the same principles as outlined above, i.e., commercial signage will be permitted along the street frontage provided that it is unobtrusive and visually integrated with landscape features along the road right-of-way.
c. Entry and internal commercial signage will share a common design theme by way of shape and construction. Variety will be introduced by corporate graphics and logos.
d. Regulatory signage (i.e., traffic control and parking) and ancillary private informational and directional signage will be carefully integrated with other streetscape elements to minimize visual clutter.
e. Additional commercial signage will be permitted on the face of individual buildings or free-standing within two metres of a building provided that the design of this signage is integrated with the architectural plans proposed.
Plant materials to be utilized on site shall be of species suitable to the local climate. Mature stock shall be utilized wherever possible to minimize the immediate impact of the landscaping concept. It is further recommended that coniferous trees shall comprise approximately 30 percent of all trees planted to ensure a year-round green landscape.


3. Landscaping

The landscaping concept for the site is illustrated on the enclosed figure. The concept features:

a. Edge landscaping at the perimeter of the site providing a visually defined boundary to the proposed development (including a proposed 14.5 m landscaped buffer along 106 Street).
b. Entryway planting to define major access points to the site.
c. Street trees provided along internal roadways to enhance the office/business park image.
d. Internal landscaping open space to complement the office park and hotel settings and provide an amenity for employees and visitors to the site.
e. Visual screening along the south side boundary comprised of a 2.0 m berm, a 1.5 m fence, and planting to minimize visual intrusion into adjacent residential properties. The berm will also be integrated with the existing berm paralleling Calgary Trail to create continuous physical separation of commercial and residential land uses.


4. Built Form

In general terms, a low-rise residential type image is proposed in which sloped roof forms predominate, servicing to minimize the impact of building build and provide shelter at building entrances. Roof top mechanical equipment would also be screened from view by this roof form. This is consistent with the office/business park image and compatible with the character of the surrounding neighbourhood.


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