DC2 17B

Beaumaris - Lot 157A, Block 52, plan to be registered

Bylaw 7101 (September 28, 1983)

To provide a district for the creation of a gradation of height away from the town centre in a medium rise apartment form to comply with the objectives of the Beaumaris Neighbourhood Outline Plan.

Lot 157A, Block 52, plan to be registered, Beaumaris, Castle Downs.

a. Apartment Housing
b. Stacked row housing including linked housing.
c. Homecrafts
d. Offices-in-the-Home; and
e. Daytime Child Care Services
a. The maximum density shall be 92 dwellings/ha (37.3 dwellings/acre).
b. The maximum floor area ratio shall be 2.25.
c. The maximum height shall not exceed 14 m (45.9 feet) nor 4 storeys.
d. The minimum front yard shall be 6 m (19.7 feet).
e. The minimum rear yard shall be 7.5 m (24.6 feet).
f. The minimum side yard shall be 1 m (3.3 feet) for each storey or partial storey, up to a maximum of 4.5 m (14.8 feet), except that a total of at least 2 m (6.6 feet) shall be provided in all cases. A side yard shall be not less than 4.5 m (14.8 feet) when it abuts a flanking public roadway other than a lane.
g. Separation Space shall be provided in accordance with Section 58 of this Bylaw.
h. A minimum Amenity Area of 7.5 m2 (80.7 square feet) per dwelling shall be provided, excepting those dwelling where Private Outdoor Amenity Area is provided in accordance with Clause b above.
i. Offices-in-the-Home shall be developed in accordance with Section 84 of this Bylaw.
j. Homecrafts shall be developed in accordance with Section 85 of this Bylaw.
k. Daytime Child Care Services shall be developed in accordance with Section 93 of this Bylaw.
l. Development in this district shall be evaluated with respect to compliance with the General Development Regulations of Section 50 to 79 of the Land Use Bylaw.

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