DC2 144

Empire Park - 5035 - 108A Street NW

Bylaw 8877 (May 24, 1988)

To establish a site specific development control district for low intensity institutional and professional office uses such that by establishing specific site development criteria, a compatible relationship with surrounding land uses will be achieved.

This DC5 District shall apply to Lot 5, Block C, Plan 3597 RS as shown on the sketch plan appended to the bylaw adopting this DC5 District, Empire Park, Duggan.

a. Commercial Schools
b. Community Recreation Services
c. Daytime Child Care Services
d. Government Services
e. Health Services
f. Private and Public Education Services
g. Professional Office Uses
h. Public Library and Cultural Exhibits
a. The maximum floor area ratio shall be 1.0.
b. A landscaped yard of 6 m (19.7 ft) in width shall be provided adjacent to the north and west property lines of the site.
c. The maximum building height shall not exceed 10 m nor 2 storeys.
d. A solid screen fence a minimum of 1.8 m in height shall be constructed along the east and south property lines of the site.
e. No parking, loading, storage, trash collection, outdoor service or display area shall be permitted within a required yard, and loading, storage, parking and trash collection areas shall be screened from view from any adjacent sites and public roadways in accordance with the provisions of Section 69.3 of the Land Use Bylaw.
f. Signs shall be allowed in this District as provided for in Schedule 79D and in accordance with the general provisions of Sections 79.1 to 79.9 inclusive of the Land Use Bylaw.
g. Developments in this district shall be evaluated with respect to compliance with the General Development Regulations of Sections 50 to 79 inclusive of the Land Use Bylaw.
h. The Development Officer may grant relaxations to the regulations contained in Sections 50 through 79 of the Land Use Bylaw and the provisions of this District if, in his opinion, such a variance would be in keeping with the General Purpose of the District and would not adversely affect the amenities, use and enjoyment of neighbouring properties.
i. The Development Officer shall require, as a condition of approval, that the applicant provide an irrevocable letter of credit or a performance bond, in the amount of 100% of the established landscaping cost, the conditions of a security being that:
i. if the landscaping is not completed in accordance with the provisions of this District and the landscaping plan, within one growing season after the completion of the development, then the amount fixed shall be paid to the City, for its use absolutely;
ii. the Development Officer shall not release the Landscaping Bond until an inspection of the site has demonstrated that the landscaping has been well maintained and is in a healthy condition two growing seasons after completion of the landscaping.
a. Daytime Child Care Services shall be developed in accordance with Section 93 of the Land Use Bylaw and shall be located such that direct access at grade can be provided to an outdoor play area. The outdoor play area, which shall be approved by the Development Officer in consultation with the General Manager of Social Services, shall be located away from vehicular-oriented uses and from parking and loading areas on the site and shall be enclosed by building walls or a screen fence, a minimum of 1.8 m high.

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