DC2 1248

Montrose - 6011 - 120 Avenue NW

Charter Bylaw 20701 (December 11, 2023)

To provide the opportunity for low intensity commercial, office and service uses which are intended to serve the day-to-day needs of residents, with site development regulations requiring to be sensitive and in scale with the existing development along 120 Avenue NW.

This provision applies to Lot 6, Block S, Plan 2693HW, located at 6011 - 120 Avenue NW in the Montrose Community.

1. Child Care Services
2. Commercial Schools
3. Convenience Retail Stores
4. General Retail Stores
5. Health Services
6. Market
7. Personal Service Shops
8. Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
9. Fascia On-premises Signs
10. Freestanding On-premises Signs
11. Temporary On-premises Signs
12. Projecting On-premises Signs
1. Signs must comply with Section 59 and Schedule 59D of Zoning Bylaw 12800.
1. The development must be in general conformance with the attached Appendices.
2. The maximum Floor Area Ratio is 2.4.
3. The maximum building height is 12.0 m.
4. A minimum rear Setback of 6.0 m must be provided from the south Lot line.
5. There are no required front or side Setbacks.
1. The design and use of the exterior finishing materials must be to the satisfaction of the Development Officer who shall ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, proposed buildings and structures shall use materials similar to, or better than, the standard of surrounding development.
2. All mechanical equipment, including surface level venting systems and transformers, must be screened in a manner compatible with the architectural character of the building or be concealed by incorporating it within the building. Ground level vents shall be oriented away from adjacent Sites, on-Site amenity areas or circulation routes for people walking or rolling.
1. Loading, parking, storage and waste collection areas must be located to the rear of the building, and storage and waste collection must be screened from view from any adjacent Sites or public roadways (other than the Lane) to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
2. Vehicular access and egress must be from the rear Lane.
1. Notwithstanding Landscaping regulations of the Zoning Bylaw 12800, required Landscaping must consist of two shrubs planted at the rear of the building, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.

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