DC2 1201

Secord - northwest corner of 92 Avenue and Winterburn Road NW

Charter Bylaw 19856 (March 15, 2022)

To accommodate a commercial development with uses to serve the local community and surrounding areas and to promote high quality, integrated built form complementary to the prominence of the site as part of the Secord Neighbourhood.

A portion of  SE-36-52-26 located on the northwest corner of 92 Avenue and Winterburn Road NW, containing 3.61 ha more or less; in the Secord Neighbourhood as shown on Schedule “A” and “Appendix “1” of the Bylaw adopting this Provision.

a. Automotive and Equipment Repair Shops
b. Bars and Neighbourhood Pubs
c. Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries
d. Business Support Services
e. Cannabis Retail Sales
f. Child Care Services
g. Commercial Schools
h. Convenience Retail Stores
i. Creation and Production Establishments
j. Drive-in Food Services
k. Equipment Rentals
l. Gas Bars
m. General Retail Stores
n. Government Services
o. Greenhouses, Plant Nurseries, and Market Gardens
p. Health Services
q. Hotels
r. Household Repair Services
s. Indoor Participant Recreation Services
t. Liquor Stores
u. Major Amusement Establishments
v. Market
w. Minor Amusement Establishments
x. Minor Service Stations
y. Personal Service Shops, excluding Body Rub Centres
z. Private Clubs
aa. Professional, Financial, and Office Support Services
bb. Public Libraries and Cultural Exhibits
cc. Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services
dd. Religious Assembly
ee. Residential Sales Centre
ff. Restaurants
gg. Secondhand Stores
hh. Special Events
ii. Speciality Food Services
jj. Spectator Entertainment Establishments
kk. Urban Gardens
ll. Veterinary Services
mm. Fascia On-premises Signs
nn. Freestanding On-premises Signs
oo. Minor Digital Off-premises Signs
pp. Minor Digital On-premises Signs
qq. Minor Digital On-premises Off-premises Signs
rr. Projecting On-premises Signs
ss. Temporary On-premises Signs
a. The Site shall be developed in general accordance with the Conceptual Site Plan, as shown on Appendix 1.
b. The maximum Height shall not exceed 15.0 m.
c. The maximum Floor Area Ratio shall be 1.2.
d. A minimum Setback of 3.0 m from the property line shall be required.
e. No parking, garbage collection, or storage areas shall be developed within the minimum Setback.
f. Loading, storage, and trash collection areas shall be screened from view from any adjacent site or public roadways in accordance with the Zoning Bylaw. If areas abut the stormwater management facility, such areas shall be screened with landscaping, masonry or wood walls, or any combination of these or like features.
g. CPTED principles shall be used to design public and private spaces and facilities, focusing on natural surveillance and access control.
h. Signs shall comply with the regulations found in Section 59 and Schedule 59E of the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw.
i. Bars and Neighbourhood Pubs shall not exceed 350 occupants and 450 m2 of Public Space.
j. Speciality Food Services shall not exceed 100 occupants and 120 m2 of Public Space.
a. Interior drive aisles and walkways shall promote contiguous and safe pedestrian and vehicular movement throughout the site.
b. A vista view point corridor, as shown on Appendix 1, along the north western edge of the site will allow the opportunity for an attractive view overlooking the stormwater management facility from storefronts within the site.
c. Pedestrian walkways and connections shall be accessible, safe, visually attractive, and well-defined by decorative and practical landscaping and lighting.
d. Pedestrian connections shall link to public streets and open spaces as well as across the site.
e. Convenient pedestrian access to transit stops should be provided via walkway connections.
a. Facade treatment of building(s) located along public frontages shall provide a consistent architectural profile with adjacent buildings.
b. The design of the project shall establish an architectural theme with complementary design elements, finishing materials, and colour being applied to each building regardless of the staging sequence of the project. Buildings shall include design elements to reduce the perceived mass and add architectural interest.
c. Buildings shall incorporate exterior and decorative lighting to enhance building architecture, landscaping elements and focal points.
d. Site planning and building design adjacent to the stormwater management facility shall include elements such as architectural details oriented toward the stormwater management facility.
  i. Architectural details shall include:
    1. A variety of exterior building cladding materials and/or colours;
    2. A variety of landscaping breaking up of the facades elevations;
    3. Or any combination of these or like these or like features.
e. The placement and design of the rear facade, and landscaping shall minimize long expanses of walls, a monotonous appearance and exposed service areas.


a. Landscaping shall be used to highlight major circulation patterns, pedestrian pathways, and the overall development.
b. Landscaping shall define and accent building entrances and parking lots, define edges or various land uses, buffer the neighbouring property, and screen parking and storage areas.
c. A Landscape Plan shall be submitted by a registered Landscape Architect, in accordance with Section 55 of the Zoning Bylaw, for review and approval by the Development Officer prior to approval of a Development Permit for any building 418 m2 or larger.
d. The Landscape Plan shall include landscape features (e.g. hedges, decorative fences, low walls, shrubs, or other plant material), including pedestrian connection in the site and to the stormwater management facility as indicated on the Site Plan prior to approval of a Development Permit.
a. As a condition of a Development Permit for construction of a principal building or Subdivision approval, the owner shall enter into an Agreement with the City of Edmonton for off-Site improvements necessary to serve or enhance the development, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer and/or Subdivision Planner in consultation with Subdivision and Development Coordination (Transportation). Such improvements shall be constructed at the owner’s cost. The Agreement process shall include an engineering drawing review and approval. Improvements to address in the Agreement must include, but are not limited to:
  i. Construction of northbound left turn bay and southbound right turn bay and payment of 50% of the cost of a traffic signal at the private all-direction access on 215 Street.
  ii. Construction of a right-in/right-out access from 92 Avenue and extension of the concrete median to prevent all-directional movements.
  iii. Construction of an all-directional access from 218 Street.
  iv. Walkway connections to the adjacent stormwater management facility shared use path network.
b. As a condition of a Development Permit for construction of a principal building, the owner shall register a 24-hour Public Access Easement for the walkway connection from 218 Street NW to the adjacent stormwater management facility shared use path network. Under this Easement, the owner shall be responsible for maintenance and liability and the spaces shall be accessible to the public at all times.

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