DC2 1179

Garneau - located on the southeast corner of 110 Street NW and 88 Avenue NW

Charter Bylaw 19593 (September 8, 2021)

To accommodate a low-rise residential development with ground-oriented dwellings fronting onto both 88 Avenue NW and 110 Street NW that is compatible with adjacent land uses, provides a transition between low and higher density housing, and supports a pedestrian friendly streetscape.

The Provision shall apply to Lot I, Block 148, Plan 5835CL, located on the southeast corner of 110 Street NW and 88 Avenue NW, as shown in Schedule “A” of the Charter Bylaw adopting this Provision, Garneau.

1. Live Work Unit
2. Lodging Houses
3. Major Home Based Business
4. Minor Home Based Business
5. Multi-unit Housing
6. Residential Sales Centre
7. Secondary Suite
8. Supportive Housing
9. Fascia On-premises Signs
10. Temporary On-premises Signs
1. Signs shall comply with the regulations found in Section 59A of the Zoning Bylaw.
2. Temporary On-premises Signs shall be limited to project advertising associated with a Residential Sales Centre and shall not include trailer mounted or signs with changeable copy.


1. Development shall be in general conformance with the attached appendices.
2. The maximum Height shall be 12.0 m.
3. The maximum Floor Area Ratio shall be 1.8.
4. The maximum number of principal Dwellings shall be 3.
5. The minimum building Setbacks shall be:
a. 3.0 m from the north Lot line;
b. 14.0 m from the south Lot line;
c. 2.0 m from the west Lot line; and
d. 2.0 m from the east Lot line except:
i. the east Setback shall be a minimum of 3.0 m for a minimum distance of 6.0 m from the north Lot line; and
ii. the east Setback shall be a minimum of 3.0 m for a minimum distance of 16.0 m from the south Lot line.
6. The minimum building Stepbacks shall be:
a. 4.0 m from the north Lot line above 6.7 m in Height;
b. 16.0 m from the south Lot line above 3.9 m in Height; and
c. 3.0 m from the east Lot line above 6.7 m in Height.
1. Dwellings shall take the appearance of row housing and shall be articulated as individual units with ground-oriented units fronting both 110 Street NW and 88 Avenue NW, and with individual front entrances that are clearly visible and distinct.
2. Each Dwelling shall include design elements such as private entrance features, windows, staircases, stoops, verandas, or unenclosed porches as the dominant elements facing the public streetscape.
3. The design of the building shall provide varied architectural design elements such as Façade articulation, sloped roofs, or variation in building Setbacks to minimize the perception of building massing when viewed from adjacent residential areas and roadways.
4. The development shall incorporate design techniques on the east Façade, such as, but not limited to, translucent window treatment, window location, raised windows, or Privacy Screening, to reduce overlook and direct line of sight into the windows of the Dwelling on the Abutting property.
5. The building shall be finished with high quality, durable materials such as, but not limited to, James Hardie siding, Cedar shakes, frosted glass screen, asphalt shingles, having regard to the contextual fit, design, proportion, quality, texture and application of these various finishing materials.
6. The Basement elevation shall be no more than 1.5 m above Grade and shall be measured as the distance between Grade and the finished floor of the first Storey.
7. Platform Structures located within a Rear Yard and greater than 1.0 m above the finished ground level shall provide Privacy Screening to prevent visual intrusion into Abutting properties.
8. Platform Structures in the form of balconies or single Storey Unenclosed Front Porches may project a maximum of 1.5 m into the required Front, Rear, and flanking Side Setback.
9. Unenclosed steps leading to a front entrance of a Dwelling may project into a Setback up to the Lot Line.
10. Eaves may project 1.7 m into a required Setback.
11. The Rooftop Terrace shall face 110 Street NW. Direct line of sight on the Abutting property to the east shall be prohibited. Reduced overlook shall be achieved through the provision of a Privacy Screening or a Stepback of 1.0 m along the full length of the portion of the Rooftop Terrace facing the east Side Lot line.
1. The maximum number of vehicle parking spaces shall be three.
2. Vehicular parking access and egress shall be provided from the Lane abutting the south Lot line.
3. A detached rear Garage or Parking Area shall be clearly demarcated on the Site and on the plan accompanying any application for a principal building, located in general accordance with Appendix 1: Site Plan. A Hardsurfaced Walkway shall be required between the Garage or Parking Area and the rear entry to the building.
4. A detached rear Garage or Parking Area shall be fully contained within the rear 9.0 m of the Site and shall have a maximum Site Coverage of 12%. Where detached rear Garages are developed, the maximum width of the building containing the Garage(s) shall not exceed 9.0 m.
5. The waste collection area shall be located to the rear between the building and the Lane and concealed from view from adjacent properties and public roadways.
1. The following shall apply and be shown on the required Landscape Plan:
a. The use of plant materials that provide colour throughout the year to enhance the appearance of the development during cold weather months;
b. Pavement materials, exterior lighting, sizes and species of new and existing tree plantings, and other landscaping elements as applicable;
c. the use of landscaping features (e.g. hedges, decorative Fences, low walls, shrubs or other plant material) between surface parking areas and the ground-level Common Amenity Area and within the south Setback along the west Lot line;
d. enhanced tree and shrub planting within the east Setback to provide privacy screening between the east Façade of the development and the abutting Site; and
e. a minimum 1.83 m high wood screen Fence provided for the length of the east Lot line except within the 3.0 m Setback from 88 Avenue NW and within 2.0 m from the south Lot line.
2. A transition area between the public street and semi-private area in front of the Dwellings shall be defined using a maximum change from Grade of 1.0 m to the entrance, landscaping such as shrub or tree beds, different paving materials, and/or planters.
3. A minimum Amenity Area of 10.0 m2 per Dwelling shall be provided through Platform Structures in the form of balconies, Rooftop Terraces, and Common Amenity Area in the Rear Yard.
4. Decorative and security lighting shall be designed and finished in a manner consistent with the architectural theme of the development and shall be provided to ensure a well-lit and safe environment for pedestrians, to accentuate building elements, and to highlight the development at night time and in winter months.
5. Exterior lighting associated with the development shall be designed such that it has minimal negative impact on an adjacent property.
1. An arborist report and tree preservation plan to the satisfaction of the Development Officer in consultation with Urban Forestry, shall be submitted with the Development Permit application to determine the impact of the proposed development, including excavation and construction, on the existing boulevard trees along 110 Street NW. If required by the Development Officer, an air spading tool shall be used to determine the amount and size of roots that may need to be cut for the foundation wall. If:
a. the arborist report indicates that the development will unduly compromise the ongoing viability and health of a tree or trees, each tree shall be removed as part of the redevelopment of the site.  The owner/developer shall be responsible for the cost of removal as well as for compensating the City for the value of the tree being removed.  If required by the Development Officer, each tree removed shall be replaced by a new tree in an enhanced growing soil medium in the form of soil cells or continuous trenches, at the cost of the owner; or
b. the arborist report indicates that the development will not unduly compromise the ongoing viability and health of a tree or trees, each tree shall be retained and protected as per the City’s Corporate Tree Management Policy C456B.

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