DC2 1167

North Glenora - located on the northwest corner of 139 Street NW and 109 Avenue NW

Charter Bylaw 19746 (June 29, 2021)

To accommodate a multi-unit residential development that is compatible in use and scale with the surrounding area and contributes to a pedestrian-friendly streetscape.

This Provision shall apply to Lot 16, Block 13, Plan 2121123 located on the northwest corner of 139 Street NW and 109 Avenue NW as shown in Schedule “A” of the Charter Bylaw adopting this Provision, North Glenora.:

a. Major Home-Based Business
b. Minor Home-Based Business
c. Multi-unit Housing
d. Supportive Housing
e. Temporary On-premises Signs
a. Signs:
i. Signs shall comply with Schedule 59A of the Zoning Bylaw; and
ii. Temporary On-premises Signs shall be limited to project advertising associated with a Residential Sales Centre and shall not include trailer mounted Signs or Signs with changeable copy.
b. Supportive Housing shall be restricted to Limited Supportive Housing.
a. The development shall be in general conformance with the attached appendices.
b. The maximum Height shall not exceed 8.25 m.
c. The maximum number of Dwelling units shall be 16.
d. The minimum Setbacks shall be:
i. 3.0 m from the north Lot line.
ii. 2.85 m from the south Lot line.
iii. 6.0 m from the east Lot line; and
iv. 7.0 m from the west Lot line.
e. For the west Facade, the building shall have a minimum 15.0 m Stepback at a maximum height of 5.5 m.
a. Dwellings with frontage to a public roadway shall be designed to be ground oriented Dwellings with principal entrances fronting the roadway.
b. All ground oriented principal Dwellings shall provide a semi-private outdoor Amenity Area in front of each exterior entry that establishes a transition area between the public roadway, using landscape features such as decorative fencing, steps or change in Grade, shrub beds or rock gardens.
c. Decorative and security lighting shall be designed and finished in a manner consistent with the design and finishing of the development and shall be provided to ensure an appropriately lit environment for pedestrians and to highlight the architectural and landscape features at night.
d. All mechanical equipment including roof mechanical units, excluding solar panels, shall be concealed from 109 Avenue, and 139 Street by landscaping or screening in a manner compatible with the architectural character of the building.
e. Windows on the north facade shall be located to minimize overlook into amenity areas of the abutting property in accordance with the appendices of this Provision.
a. Vehicle parking may be permitted within the west Setback adjacent to the Lane in general accordance with Appendix 1.
b. All waste collection, storage, or loading areas shall be located adjacent to the Lane within the west Setback and designed to the satisfaction of the Development Officer in consultation with Waste Management Services and Subdivision and Development Coordination (Transportation), in general accordance with Appendix 1. Gates and/or doors of the waste enclosure shall not open or encroach into the road right-of-way.


a. Notwithstanding Landscaping regulations of the Zoning Bylaw, the development shall have a minimum of 6 trees and 20 shrubs.
b. Landscaping shall consider the use of plant materials that provide colour throughout the year to enhance the appearance of the development during cold weather months.
c. Site and building layouts shall include design elements that take the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) into consideration. These elements may include, but are not limited to, elements that allow for natural surveillance, increase sightlines and use; and high quality interior and exterior lighting. The physical layout and landscaping shall reduce the vulnerability of pedestrians by avoiding areas of concealment or entrapment such as: long public corridor spaces, stairwells, or other movement predictors; avoiding landscaping hazards such as: unpruned trees, rocks that can be thrown, or blind corners; and by locating parking areas close to building access points and using way finding mechanisms. The Development Officer may require a Crime Prevention ThroughEnvironmental Design assessment prepared by a qualified security consultant, and may apply conditions to the approval of the Development Permit based on the recommendations of the CPTED assessment to promote a safe physical environment.
d. An arborist report and tree preservation plan, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer in consultation with Urban Forestry, shall be submitted with the Development Permit application to determine the impact of the proposed development, including excavation and construction, on the existing boulevard trees along 109 Avenue NW and 135 Street NW. If required by the Development Officer, an air spading tool shall be used to determine the amount and size of roots that may need to be cut for the parkade/foundation wall. If:
i. the arborist report indicates that the development will unduly compromise the ongoing viability and health of a tree or trees, each tree shall be removed and replaced by a new tree within an enhanced growing medium at the cost of the owner; or
ii. the arborist report indicates that the development will not unduly compromise the ongoing viability and health of a tree or trees, each tree shall be retained and protected as per the City’s Corporate Tree Management Policy C456B to the satisfaction of the Development Officer in consultation with Urban Forestry.
a. Prior to the issuance of a development permit for:
i. a building that contains 12 or more Dwelling units; or
ii. a building that contains less than 12 Dwelling units, but is part of a Site with 12 or more Dwelling units in total;
the Development Officer shall ensure a signed agreement has been executed between the City and the owner, requiring the owner to provide the City, at the time of each development permit approval, the option to purchase up to 5% of the proposed number of Dwelling units (rounded to the nearest Dwelling unit) in each building with Dwelling units, at 85% of market value or the equivalent value as cash in lieu (at the discretion of the owner) to the City.
b. As a condition of any Development Permit, the owner shall enter into an Agreement with the City of Edmonton for off-Site improvements necessary to serve the development to the satisfaction of the Development Officer in consultation with Subdivision and Development Coordination (Transportation). Such improvements to be constructed at the owner’s cost. The Agreement process includes an engineering drawing review and approval process. Improvements to address in the Agreement include, but are not limited to:
i. Removal of the existing driveway connections to 109 Ave NW, and construction of walkways connecting the ground level building entrances to the curb of public roadways in general accordance with Appendix 1.

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