DC2 1150 (Area A)

Meyokumin - located between 50 Street NW and 57 Street NW, and south of 23 Avenue NW

Charter Bylaw 19595 (April 7, 2021)

To accommodate community commercial development with site development regulations to ensure that development will be compatible with the adjacent low density residential development through the use of berms, fencing, and landscaping and restrictions on access from 22 Avenue.

This Provision shall apply to Lot 33, Block 3, Plan 7721180; Lot 40A, Block 3, Plan 0325323; Lot 39A, Block 3, Plan 0325323; Lot 36A, Block 3, Plan 1123613 and Lot 35, Block 3, Plan 9721604, being a 4.5 hectare site located between 50 and 57 Streets, as shown in Schedule “A” of the Charter Bylaw adopting this Provision, Meyokumin.

a. Bars and Neighbourhood Pubs
b. Business Support Services
c. Child Care Services
d. Drive-in Food Services
e. Gas Bars
f. General Retail Stores
g. Government Services
h. Health Services
i. Liquor Stores
j. Minor Amusement Establishments
k. Minor Service Stations
l. Nightclubs
m. Personal Service Shops
n. Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
o. Protective and Emergency Services
p. Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services
q. Restaurants
r. Specialty Food Services
s. Veterinary Services
t. Fascia Off-premises Signs
u. Fascia On-premises Signs
v. Freestanding Off-premises Signs
w. Major Digital Signs
x. Minor Digital Off-premises Signs
y. Minor Digital On-premises Signs
z. Minor Digital On-premises Off-premises Signs
aa. Roof On-premises Signs
bb. Temporary Off-premises Signs
a. All activity associated with the Veterinary Services use shall be contained within an enclosed building.
b. Protective and Emergency Services shall be limited to a facility for the provision of ambulance, police, and fire safety services. Training facilities shall be excluded.
c. Signs shall comply with Section 59F of the Zoning Bylaw.
a. The maximum floor area ratio shall be 1.0.
b. The maximum building height shall not exceed 10 m.
c. In addition to the minimum yard requirement by clause (7a), a minimum building setback of 15 m shall be provided for all buildings adjacent to the property line abutting single detached residential development, and a building setback of 10 m shall be provided adjacent to 22 Avenue.
d. Notwithstanding Section 720.3.2 of the Zoning Bylaw, no site plan is appended to this provision.
a. There shall be no vehicular or pedestrian access to the site from 22 Avenue.
b. No parking, loading, storage, or trash collection shall be permitted within a required yard. Loading, storage and trash collection areas shall be located in such a manner as to be screened from view from adjacent residential sites and public roadways.


a. A landscaped yard a minimum of 4.5 m in width shall be provided adjacent to 23 Avenue.
b. Landscaped yards shall be provided adjacent to the property lines abutting 22 Avenue and single detached residential development. These yards shall be a minimum of 9 m in width adjacent to 22 Avenue and 12 m in width abutting single detached residential development. These yards shall adhere to the following requirements:
i. A 1.8 m high solid uniform screen fence placed at the apex of a 2 m high berm shall be provided in the landscaped yard abutting 22 Avenue. This fence and berm combination shall also be provided in the landscaped yard abutting the existing single detached residential homes where the owners of these properties agree to lease a portion of the landscaped yard up to and including the fence at the apex of the berm. Should the lease of this portion of the yard to the abutting owners not occur, then a 3.0 m berm shall be provided in the yard abutting the single detached residential homes and a matching fence provided along the common property line between the site and the single detached residential homes. In any case a matching fence shall be provided from the fence placed on the apex of the 2 m berm to the fence on the common property line between the site and the single detached residential homes. The intent of the fence's placement in this location is to prevent access from 22 Avenue to the site. Refer to Appendix I for additional direction in the development of the fencing and berms along the south property line of the site.
ii. Landscaping within these yards shall consist of two (2) mature deciduous trees, a minimum calliper of 7.5 cm, and two (2) coniferous trees, a minimum of 4.5 m in height, along with five (5) shrubs for each 35 m of lineal yard. No less than half of the required plant materials will be placed within the portion of yard located between the property line abutting 22 Avenue and the 1.8 m high solid uniform screen fence.
iii. The 1.8 m (5.9 ft.) high solid uniform screen fence is to be constructed and finished substantially in accordance with Appendix I attached to this District.

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