DC2 1137

Donsdale - located at Danbury Blvd NW and Donsdale Dr NW

Charter Bylaw 19475 (November 17, 2020)

To establish a Site-Specific Development Control District to allow for large lot single detached residential, with appropriate development criteria to ensure compatibility with the character of the existing residential lots.

The DC2 Provision shall apply to a portion of lands on Lot 7, Plan 4622NY in the Donsdale neighbourhood, as shown on Schedule “A” of the Bylaw adopting this Provision.

1. Garden Suites
2. Limited Group Homes
3. Group Homes
4. Lodging Houses
5. Minor Home Based Business
6. Secondary Suites
7. Single Detached Housing
8. Fascia On-premises Signs
1. The minimum Site Area shall be 1,175 m2;
2. The minimum Site Width shall be 22.0 m;
3. The minimum Site Depth shall be 48.0 m;
4. The maximum Height shall not exceed 10.0 m;
5. The maximum Site Coverage shall be 48%;
6. The minimum Front Setback shall be 10.0 m;
7. The minimum Rear Setback shall be 7.5 m;
8. The minimum Side Setback shall be 2.0 m;
9. A maximum of one building containing Single Detached Housing per Site shall be allowed.
10. A maximum of one of either a Secondary Suite or Garden Suite per Site shall be allowed.
11. As a condition of any Development Permit, the owner shall enter into an Agreement with the City of Edmonton for off-Site improvements necessary to service the development, such improvements to be constructed at the owner’s cost. Improvements to address in the Agreement include, but are not limited to:
a. Each site shall be connected to municipal water, sewer and storm. The connections shall be designed to the satisfaction of the Development Officer in consultation with Subdivision and Development Coordination (Drainage and EPCOR Water); and
b. Repair of any damages resulting from construction of the development to the abutting roadways, street trees, and boulevard.
12. Notwithstanding section 720.3 (2) a Site Plan is not appended to this Provision.

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