DC2 113

Beaumaris - 10411 - 10425 - 158 Avenue 

Bylaw 8555 (June 23, 1987)

To establish a Site Specific Development Control District for a gas bar and convenience commercial uses, such that by limiting the range of specific land uses and developing sensitive site development regulations impacts on adjacent residential properties are minimized.

Lot 11, Block 59, Plan 812 1757, Beaumaris.

a. Commercial Schools
b. Convenience Retail Stores
c. Daytime Child Care Services
d. Gas Bars
e. General Retail Stores
f. Health Services
g. Minor Eating and Drinking Establishments
h. Minor Secondhand Stores with a gross floor area less than 275 m2 (2,960.07 sq. ft.)
i. Minor Veterinary Services
j. Personal Service Shops
k. Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
a. The maximum floor area ratio shall be 1.0.
b. The maximum gross floor area of any individual business premise shall not exceed 275 m2 (2,960.07 sq. ft.).
c. The maximum building height shall not exceed 7.5 m nor 1 storey.
d. Minimum landscaped yards shall be provided in accordance with Areas A, B, C and D as shown on the attached Appendix "I". Areas A and C shall be landscaped with a minimum of 2 deciduous trees (a minimum of 85 mm in caliper), 3 evergreen trees (a minimum of 2.5 metres in height) and 5 deciduous shrubs. Areas B and D shall be landscaped with a minimum of 3 evergreen trees a minimum of 2.5 metres in height. The Development Officer shall ensure that the above landscaping is provided such that it ensures effective screening of the gas bar.
e. No parking, loading, storage, trash collection, outdoor service or display area shall be permitted within a required yard. Loading, storage and trash collection areas shall be located to the rear or side of the principal building and shall be screened from view from any adjacent sites or public roadways, in accordance with the provisions of Section 69.3 of the Land Use Bylaw.
f. Signs shall be allowed in this District as provided for in Schedule 79D and in accordance with the general conditions of Sections 79.1 to 79.9 inclusive of the Land Use Bylaw.
g. Development in this District shall be regulated with respect to compliance with the General Development Regulations of Section 50 to 79 inclusive of the Land Use Bylaw.
h. The Development Officer may grant relaxations to the regulations contained in Sections 50 through 79 of the Land Use Bylaw and the provision of this District if, in his opinion, such a variance would not affect the privacy, amenities, use, and enjoyment of neighbouring properties.
a. Gas Bars shall be developed in accordance with Section 82 of the Land Use Bylaw and shall consist of one island with a maximum of two gas pumps. In addition, a canopy shall be constructed over the gas pump islands to ensure that illumination is directed downwards and away from direct view by adjacent residential uses. Such canopy shall be designed and finished in a manner consistent with the design and finishing of the principal building.
b. Personal Service Shops shall not include massage parlours and Professional Financial and Office Support Services shall not include escort services or any other similar uses which in the opinion of the Development Officer are not of a local convenience nature and would attract clientele from the district at large.
c. The Development Officer shall review applications for Minor Eating and Drinking Establishments to ensure that the emphasis of any establishment is for the provision and sale of food and does not include seating areas primarily intended for the consumption of alcoholic beverages, in order to protect the residential integrity of the surrounding area.
d. Daytime Child Care Services shall be developed in accordance with Section 93 of the Land Use Bylaw.

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