DC2 1104

Cavanagh - 11006 to 11060 - 30 Avenue SW

Charter Bylaw 19174 (February 18, 2020)

The purpose of this Zone is to provide the opportunity for small scale commercial Uses and residential Uses while promoting a design that is complementary to residential development in the area. Site specific regulations are intended to enhance the pedestrian environment by incorporating pedestrian scaled architecture, design and amenities.

This Provision shall apply to the lands legally described as Lot 101, Block 7, Plan 1822591, as shown on Schedule “A” of the Bylaw, adopting this Provision, Cavanagh.

a. Bars and Neighbourhood Pubs
b. Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries
c. Child Care Services
d. Commercial Schools
e. Convenience Retail Stores
f. Creation and Production Establishments
g. Drive-in Food Services
h. Gas Bars
i. General Retail Stores
j. Health Services
k. Indoor Participant Recreation Services
l. Live Work Unit
m. Liquor Stores
n. Multi-unit Housing
o. Minor Amusement Establishments
p. Minor Home Based Business
q. Minor Service Stations
r. Major Home Based Business
s. Personal Service Shops
t. Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
u. Public Libraries and Cultural Exhibits
v. Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services
w. Religious Assembly
x. Residential Sales Centre
y. Restaurants
z. Secondhand Stores
aa. Specialty Food Services
bb. Urban Gardens
cc. Urban Indoor Farms
dd. Urban Outdoor Farms
ee. Veterinary Services
ff. Fascia On-premises Signs
gg. Freestanding On-premises Signs
hh. Projecting On-premises Signs
ii. Temporary On-premises Signs
a. Development shall be in general accordance with Appendix 1 - Contextual Site Plan.
b. Notwithstanding DC2.1034.4.a, vehicular parking may be permitted within the General Building Area, and portions of the building area may be permitted within the General Parking Area, as shown on Appendix 1, in order to complement and facilitate various building configurations on the site. This will be up to the discretion of the Development Officer.
c. The maximum Floor Area Ratio shall be 1.0.
d. A minimum Setback of 4.5 m shall be required where the Site Abuts a public roadway, other than a Lane.
e. A minimum Setback of 3.0 m shall be required where the Rear or Side Lot Line of the Site Abuts the Lot line of a Site in a Residential Zone.
f. The following regulations shall apply to Apartment Housing developments:
i. Apartment Housing shall be permitted only in buildings where the first Storey is used for commercial purposes; and,
ii. Apartment Housing shall have access at ground level, which is separate from the access for the commercial premises.
g. The following regulations shall apply to Gas Bars and Minor Service Stations where proposed abutting a Residential Zone:
i. The Development Officer may, at the Development Officer’s discretion, require potential noise or light impacts be minimized or negated through additional landscaping such as berming or screening; and
ii. Lighting shall not be directed towards the Residential Zone.
h. No parking, loading, storage, trash collection, outdoor service or display area shall be permitted within a Setback. Loading, storage and trash collection areas shall be located to the rear or sides of the principal building and shall be screened from view from any adjacent Sites, or public roadways in accordance with the Landscaping regulations of the Zoning Bylaw, as amended.
i. If the rear or side Yard of a Site are used for parking, an outdoor service display area or both, and Abut a Residential Zone or a Lane serving a Residential Zone, such areas shall be screened in accordance with the Landscaping regulations of the Zoning Bylaw, as in effect at the time a Development Permit is applied for.
j. The maximum building Height shall not exceed 10.0 m.
k. A minimum of one tree for each 22 m2 and one shrub for each 13 m2 of Setback along 30 Avenue SW and 111 Avenue SW (Cavanagh Boulevard) shall be provided, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
l. Signs shall comply with the regulations found in Schedule 59D of the Zoning Bylaw, as amended.
m. The following regulations shall apply to Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services developments:
i. the total number of bays shall not exceed one;
ii. all operations and mechanical equipment associated with this Use shall be located within an enclosed building; and
iii. no portion of a Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Service shall be located adjacent to a building bay with an approved development permit for Child Care Services.
n. On-Site pedestrian circulation shall be accommodated through the provision of Walkways, that connect building entrances to on-site Amenity Areas, parking areas, and adjacent public Walkways to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
o. To the satisfaction of the Development Officer, areas identified as ‘Enhanced Site Development Opportunity’ shall include features that contribute to a pedestrian friendly environment which may include features such as, but not limited to:
i. Outdoor patios and Amenity Areas;
ii. additional Landscaping which may exceed the Landscaping regulations of the Zoning Bylaw, as amended, and Section 4 (k.) of this Provision;
iii. street furniture; and
iv. public art.
p. Outdoor patios and Amenity Areas shall be visible from adjacent public roadways and if screened, shall employ transparent materials. Fence height shall not exceed 1.85 m on Outdoor patios and Amenity Areas facing 30 Avenue SW and 111 Street NW (Cavanagh Boulevard).
q. Buildings shall be designed with all exposed building Façades having consistent and harmonious exterior finishing materials.
r. Building Façades shall be articulated through means which may include the use of recesses, entrances, entrance features, windows, projections, change in building materials, and/or physical breaks in building mass.
s. A minimum of 60% of the linear frontage of ground floor Façades facing 111 Street SW (Cavanagh Boulevard) and 30 Avenue SW shall consist of clear glazing that is unobstructed by signs. Linear frontage shall be measured as the horizontal plane at 1.5 m above Grade.

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