DC2 1088

Yellowhead Corridor East - south of 127 Avenue NW and between 86 Street NW and 89 Street NW

Charter Bylaw 19038 (November 4, 2019)

To allow for a range of Commercial and Industrial Uses, including automotive related uses, that operate in such a manner that no nuisance is created or apparent beyond the boundaries of the Site.

This Provision shall apply to Lot 13, 14, 15, and 16, Block 60A, Plan 0520041, as shown on Schedule "A" of this Charter Bylaw adopting this Provision, Yellowhead Corridor East.

a. Animal Hospitals and Shelters
b. Auctioneering Establishments
c. Automotive and Equipment Repair Shops
d. Automotive and Minor Recreation Vehicle Sales/ Rentals
e. Bars and Neighbourhood Pubs
f. Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries
g. Business Support Services
h. Commercial Schools
i. Convenience Retail Stores
j. Convenience Vehicle Rentals
k. Creation and Production Establishments
l. Equipment Rentals
m. General Industrial Uses
n. General Retail Stores
o. Greenhouses, Plant Nurseries and Garden Centres
p. Health Services
q. Household Repair Services
r. Indoor Participant Recreation Services
s. Limited Contractor Services
t. Liquor Stores
u. Major Amusement Establishments
v. Minor Amusement Establishments
w. Minor Service Stations
x. Personal Service Shops
y. Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
z. Public Libraries and Cultural Exhibits
aa. Recycling Depots
bb. Restaurants
cc. Specialty Food Services
dd. Temporary Storage
ee. Urban Gardens
ff. Veterinary Services
gg. Warehouse Sales
hh. Fascia On-premises Signs
ii. Freestanding On-premises Signs
jj. Projecting On-premises Signs
kk. Temporary On-premises Signs
a. Notwithstanding Section 720.3 (2), a Site Plan is not appended to this Provision.
b. The maximum Floor Area Ratio shall be 3.5.
c. The maximum building Height shall not exceed 14.5 m for flat, mansard and gambrel roofs, or 16.0 m for a roof type with a pitch of 4/12 (18.4 degrees) or greater.
d. A minimum of a 5.0 m Setback shall be provided along the Lot lines Abutting 127 Avenue.
e. No Setback shall be required along the east and west Lot lines, except a minimum of a 1.0 m Setback shall be provided along the east Lot line of Lot 16, Block 60A, Plan 0520041.
f. A continuous and uninterrupted 2.4m high fence shall be provided along the south Lot lines to prevent access from the Canadian National Railway yard.
g. A minimum Setback of 13.0 m along the Lot lines Abutting the Canadian National Railway shall be provided and designated for surface parking and vehicular circulation, including circulation for Fire Rescue Service vehicles.
h. Bars and Neighbourhood Pubs shall not exceed 200 occupants and 240 m2 of Public Space.
i. Restaurants shall not exceed 200 occupants and 240 m2 of Public Space.
j. Specialty Food Services shall not exceed 100 occupants and 120 m2 of Public Space.
k. General Industrial Uses shall not be allowed if the Uses, due to their appearance, noise, odour, risk of toxic emissions, or fire and explosion hazards, are incompatible with Residential, Commercial and other surrounding land Uses.
l. Notwithstanding Section 55 of the Zoning Bylaw, the Landscaping Regulations shall only be applied to new development on the site that contains a building.
m. Temporary Storage and General Industrial Uses shall be screened from view from 127 Avenue by screen fencing or a combination of screen fencing and landscape materials.
n. Notwithstanding Section 54 of the Zoning Bylaw, no hard surfacing shall be required for Temporary Storage.
o. Lighting shall be located and arranged so that no direct rays of light are directed at any adjoining properties or interfere with the effectiveness of traffic control devices. No exposed bulbs nor string of lights shall be used.
p. For buildings greater than 3000 m2 in Floor Area or a single wall length greater than 25.0 m visible from a pubic roadway, the roof line and building façade shall include design elements to minimize the perceived mass of the building and ensure a high standard of appearance.
q. All roof mechanical units shall be concealed by screening in a manner compatible with the architectural character of the building or concealed by incorporating it within the building.
r. All buildings shall be constructed and finished with durable materials designed to maintain the initial appearance of the development throughout the life of the project.
s. Parking, storage, and display areas shall be permitted within the Front Yard, provided that such displays, storage, and parking are related to the business.
t. Loading and trash collection areas shall be located to the rear or sides of the principal building and shall be screened from view from 127 Avenue.
u. The Development Officer shall require the applicant to submit a groundwater monitoring report and any other environmental reports as deemed necessary prior to the issuance of a Development Permit, except for Development Permits for demolition, excavation, temporary storage, shoring or signage. The Development Officer shall also impose any conditions necessary, to be completed prior to the release of drawings for Building Permit Review, to ensure that the Site is suitable for the full range of uses contemplated in the Development Permit Application
v. Signs shall comply with the regulations found in Schedule 59F of the Zoning Bylaw, including but not limited to, the following:
i. Any signage developed on the north-facing walls or area of any of the buildings visible shall be designed to prevent light from emitting toward residential areas north of 127 Avenue; and,
ii. A Freestanding On-premises Sign along 127 Avenue shall be located a minimum of 5.0 m south of property line and shall be designed to minimize light pollution/ visual intrusion on residential properties north of 127 Avenue.

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