DC2 1086

Central McDougall - north of 110 Avenue NW and west of 101 Street NW

Charter Bylaw 19031 (October 7, 2019)

To accommodate a medium intensity commercial office building designed to achieve a high-quality development that is appropriate for the site’s location adjacent to 101 Street.

This provision shall apply to Portions of Lots 319B & 319C, Block 1, Plan 8222283; and Lots 467 & 468, Block 1, Plan 7540AH; within the Central McDougall Neighbourhood as shown on Schedule “A” of this Bylaw.

a. Bars and Neighbourhood Pubs
b. Business Support Services
c. Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries
d. Cannabis Retail Services
e. Child Care Services
f. Commercial Schools
g. Convenience Retail Stores
h. Creation and Production Establishments
i. Extended Medical Treatment Centre
j. General Retail Stores
k. Government Services
l. Health Services
m. Indoor Participant Recreation Services
n. Liquor Stores
o. Media Studios
p. Non-accessory Parking
q. Personal Service Shops
r. Private Education Services
s. Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
t. Public Education Services
u. Public Libraries and Cultural Exhibits
v. Restaurants
w. Specialty Food Services
x. Veterinary Services
y. Fascia On-premises Signs
z. Projecting On-premises Signs
aa. Temporary On-premises Signs
bb. Minor Digital On-premises Signs
a. Non-accessory Parking shall only be ancillary as part of a principal building. Notwithstanding this, any Development Permit approved prior to the passing of this Bylaw for surface Non-accessory Parking shall be permitted to operate.
b. The maximum floor area of any individual ground floor commercial unit shall not exceed 300 m2.
c. Signs shall be provided in accordance with Schedule 59E of this Bylaw, with the intent to compliment the pedestrian-oriented commercial environment, except that:
i. The maximum Height of a Digital Sign shall be 3.0 m;
ii. The maximum Area of a Digital Sign shall be 3.0 m2;
iii. Digital Signs shall be separated by a minimum of 100 m from any other Digital Sign;
iv. Projecting Signs shall be located within 0.6 m of each individual business entrance of the building facing a public roadway other than a Lane;
v. One additional Projecting Sign may be permitted for the purpose of advertising businesses that do not have access at Grade; and,
vi. Fascia Signs shall be limited to one per individual business premises with a maximum of one Fascia Sign per 11 m of building Façade.
vii. A Comprehensive Sign Design Plan and Schedule, with a focus on pedestrian-oriented signage and promoting building identity, consistent with the overall intent of subsection 59.3 of the Zoning Bylaw shall be prepared for the development and submitted with the Development Application, to be approved by the Development Officer.
a. Development shall be in general conformance with the attached Appendices to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.  
b. The minimum Floor Area Ratio (FAR) shall be 1.0.
c. The maximum Floor Area Ratio (FAR) shall be 10.0.
d. The maximum Height shall not exceed 55.0 m.
e. The Height of the Podium shall be a minimum 14.0 m and a maximum of 16.5 m.
f. The minimum Setbacks shall be as follows:
i. 5.5 m from the east Lot line for the first Storey of the podium and 0.8 m for Storeys above; and
ii. 0.0 m from the north, south and west Lot line.
iii. Notwithstanding 5.a and 5.f.ii, the north setback may be increased to 2.0 metres to allow for a landscaped buffer at the discretion of the Development Officer.
g. The minimum Tower Stepbacks shall be in general accordance with the Appendices of this Provision and as follows:
i. 4.0 m from the east Facade of the podium; and
ii. 6.5 m from the north and south Facade of the podium.
a. A maximum of 550 vehicular parking stalls shall be provided for all uses, of these a maximum of 150 Non-accessory parking stalls shall be permitted.
b. Vehicular access shall be from the Lane, as generally shown on Appendix I, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer in consultation with Subdivision and Development Coordination (Transportation).
c. Loading, storage and waste collection areas shall be located to the rear of the building, accessed from the Lane, and shall be screened from view from any adjacent Sites or public roadways. The waste collection areas trash bins shall be secured from public access and designed to the satisfaction of the Development Officer in consultation with Waste Management Services and Subdivision and Development Coordination (Transportation).
d. Bicycle Parking Facilities shall be provided in accordance with the Zoning Bylaw, and the following:
i. a minimum of 165 bicycle parking spaces shall be provided as long term spaces and shall be provided in a safe and secure location within the Podium on the ground floor and/or in the parking garage that is easily accessible to cyclists via access ramps, or a route through the building which facilitates easy and efficient transportation of bicycles; and
ii. a minimum of 15 bicycle parking spaces shall be provided at location(s) on 101 Street NW either on- or off-site that is (are) easily accessible and available for public use, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer in consultation with Subdivision and Development Coordination (Transportation).
e. Vehicular parking shall be provided in an underground and/or above Grade parkade structure which is part of the Podium. Should any portion of the parkade be located within the Podium above Grade it shall be screened from view as conceptually shown in the Appendices and the following:
i. the design of the portion of the above Grade Parking Garage shall be enclosed to ensure vehicles within the structure are not visible; and
ii. screening fronting 101 Street NW shall take the form of visually interesting and integrated as part of the building design through design techniques such as variations in colour, patterns, artistic lighting, and/or art.
f. Adequate sight lines shall be maintained for vehicles entering and exiting the Parking Garage, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer in consultation with Subdivision and Development Coordination (Transportation).
a. A detailed Landscape Plan for the Site, including all existing and proposed utilities within the road right-of-way and the area of streetscape improvements as shown on Appendix VII, must be submitted for review and approval by the City of Edmonton, prior to the issuance of any Development Permit.
b. Landscaping on the Site shall consider the use of plant materials that provide colour throughout the year to enhance the appearance of the development during the cold weather months.
c. The Landscape Plan shall include pavement materials, exterior lighting, street furniture elements, pedestrian seating areas, sizes and species of new tree plantings and other Landscaping elements as applicable.
d. Landscaping within the Setback adjacent to 101 Street NW shall be developed to provide an enhanced pedestrian experience and a public realm that seamlessly transitions from public to private property by continuing the public sidewalk paving materials, finish, and pattern to compliment the adjacent streetscape. Only deciduous trees shall be used.
e. Functional and decorative lighting to enhance the appearance of the building during the winter months shall be incorporated.
f. Decorative and security lighting shall be designed and finished in a manner consistent with the design and finishing of the development and shall be provided to ensure a safe well-lit environment, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
a. Building design shall use a variety of architectural elements and treatments, materials, colours, and articulation to break up the massing and provide human-scale development.
b. Building materials must be durable, high quality and appropriate for the development. The contextual fit, design, proportion, quality, texture, and application of various finishing materials shall be to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
c. All exposed building Facades shall have consistent and harmonious exterior finishing materials.Winter design elements such as unique colour palettes, location of glazing areas, softened corners and irregularities of the buildings exterior shall be used on all Facades facing a public roadway other than a Lane.
d. Main building entrances for any Use shall be designed for universal accessibility. Level changes from the sidewalk to entrances of buildings shall be minimized. Sidewalk furniture and other elements shall be located out of travel path to entrances to ensure they are not obstacles to building access.
e. All mechanical equipment, including roof mechanical units, shall be concealed by screening in a manner compatible with the architectural character of the building or concealed by incorporating it within the building, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
f. An internal pedestrian connection to the existing HYS Centre to the south may be provided as generally shown on Appendix 2.
g. The main entrance shall be designed to be clearly visible, distinct and oriented to 101 Street NW.
h. Each façade facing a public roadway other than a Lane shall have a minimum of 75% clear, non-reflective, untinted, transparent and unobscured glazing on the exterior of the ground floor to promote pedestrian interaction and safety. Proportion of glazing is calculated as a percent of linear meters at 1.0 m above finished Grade.
i. A maximum of 10% of the first Storey glazing facing a public roadway may be covered by Signs. The remainder of the glazing shall remain free from obstruction.
j. The development shall create a pedestrian-friendly environment on 101 Street NW, which may include entrance features, outdoor sitting areas, canopies, landscaping and other features that lend visual interest and a human scale to the development along the street.
k. The design of the portion of the parkade located within the Podium shall be enclosed within solid (a material not permeable to light) walls to ensure vehicles within the parkade structure are not visible. The portion of the parkade fronting 101 Street NW will be further screened from view through the installation of tinted glazing with vision/colour glass accents and architectural lighting in general accordance with Appendix 3.
l. The Tower shall be finished with high quality, sustainable, and durable materials such as, but not limited to, masonry, metal cladding, brick and glazing. The use of vinyl and masonry stucco is prohibited.
m. The Tower shall be differentiated from the Podium, but should reinforce the design details, and/or materials, and/or architectural expression from the Podium.
n. The Tower shall provide articulation and visual interest to reduce the perceived mass and add architectural interest through a combination of sculpting of the building, variations in material/color, or other means to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
a. As a condition of any Development Permit, except for excavation permits, the owner shall enter into an Agreement with the City of Edmonton for off-site improvements necessary to serve the development. The Agreement shall include an engineering drawing review and approval process. Improvements shall be constructed at the owner’s cost, be designed to the satisfaction of the Development Officer in consultation with Subdivision and Development Coordination (Transportation) and shall include, but may not be limited to the following:
i. Repair of any damage resulting from construction of the development to the abutting roadways and sidewalks, including lanes not directly adjacent to the site but which may be used for construction purposes, to the satisfaction of Subdivision and Development Coordination (Transportation);
ii. Removal of the existing 101 Street NW vehicular accesses;
iii. Removing or relocating the existing utility poles in the north-south Lane to avoid conflicts with the proposed vehicular access/egress points, if deemed necessary;
iv. Improvements to the adjacent Lanes to the satisfaction of the Development Officer in consultation with Subdivision and Development Coordination (Transportation). Such improvements shall include, but are not limited to:
1. repaving the full width of north-south Lane to the west of the Site between the east-west Lane and the north Lot Line of the Site to a commercial alley standard.; and
2. repaving the full width of southern east-west Lane between 102 Street NW and the north-south Lane to a commercial alley standard.
b. As a condition of any Development Permit, except for excavation permits, the Development Officer shall ensure that a signed agreement has been executed between the City and the Owner, requiring the Owner to contribute a minimum of $757,825 towards improvements to the streetscape in the areas shown in Appendix VII along 101 Street NW, 110 Avenue NW and 102 Street NW. These improvements shall include, but not be limited to:
i. Replacement of sidewalks;
ii. Decorative paving treatments;
iii. Decorative street furniture such as benches, waste receptacles, bicycle racks, planters, bollards and pedestrian lighting; and
iv. Boulevard trees with enhanced growing medium.
a. Prior to the issuance of a Development Permit for any buildings greater than 20.0 m in Height, a Wind Impact Study shall be prepared and submitted. The development shall incorporate design features to minimize adverse microclimatic effects such as wind tunneling, snow drifting, rain sheeting both on and off Site, consistent with the recommendations of the Wind Impact Study, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer. Special attention in the Study shall be given to ensuring the ground level area near the entrance to the east tower are properly protected from any adverse impacts.
b. Prior to the issuance of a Development Permit for construction of a principal building, a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Assessment shall be submitted to ensure the development provides a safe urban environment in accordance with the Guidelines for a Safer City (City of Edmonton 1995). The development shall incorporate the recommendations of the CPTED Assessment into the design, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.

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