DC2 1070

Queen Mary Park - north of 107 Avenue NW and west of 120 Street NW

Charter Bylaw 18918 (July 15, 2019)

To allow for a mixed commercial and industrial area where no nuisance is created or apparent outside an enclosed building.

This provision shall apply to Lot 1, Block 20, Plan 9223242, as shown in Schedule “A” of the Bylaw adopting this Provision, Queen Mary Park. 

1. Animal Hospitals and Shelters
2. Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries
3. Business Support Services
4. Cannabis Retail Sales
5. Child Care Services
6. Commercial Schools
7. Commercial Schools
8. Community Recreation Services
9. Convenience Retail Stores
10. Creation and Production Establishments
11. Equipment Rentals
12. General Retail Stores
13. Government Services
14. Greenhouses, Plant Nurseries and Garden Centres
15. Health Services
16. Hotel
17. Household Repair Services
18. Indoor Participant Recreation Services
19. Limited Contractor Services
20. Major Alcohol Sales
21. Major Amusement Establishments
22. Market
23. Media Studios
24. Minor Alcohol Sales
25. Minor Amusement Establishments
26. Mobile Catering Food Services
27. Nightclubs
28. Personal Service Shops
29. Private Clubs
30. Private Education Services
31. Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
32. Public Education Service
33. Public Libraries and Cultural Exhibits
34. Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services
35. Religious Assembly
36. Residential Sales Centre
37. Restaurants
38. Secondhand Stores
39. Special Event
40. Specialty Food Services
41. Spectator Entertainment Establishments
42. Urban Gardens
43. Veterinary Services
44. Warehouse Sales
45. Fascia Off-premises Signs
46. Fascia On-premises Signs
47. Freestanding On-premises Signs
48. Major Digital Signs
49. Minor Digital On-premises Off-premises Signs
50. Minor Digital On-premises Signs
51. Projecting On-premises Signs
52. Roof On-premises Signs
1. Each Nightclub shall be limited 240 m2 of Public Space.
2. All business activities associated with Equipment Rental shall be located and carried on within an enclosed building and there shall be no outdoor storage or display areas.
3. Signs shall comply with regulations found in Schedule 59E of the Zoning Bylaw.
4. A Comprehensive Sign Design Plan and Schedule shall be prepared for the development.
1. Development shall be in general conformance with the attached Appendix 1.
2. The maximum Building Height shall be 18 m.
3. The maximum Floor Area Ratio shall be 2.0.
4. The minimum Setbacks for the building shall be:
a. 0.0 m from the north Lot line;
b. 0.0 m from the west Lot line;
c. 3.0 m from the south Lot line;
d. 3.0 m from the east Lot line.
5. Adjacent to the main parking lot, a pedestrian walkway providing access to the businesses shall be a minimum 3.0 m wide including a minimum 1.5 m wide clear path of travel for pedestrians that is free from all obstructions including street furniture, signage and the like.  The remainder of the walkway, may incorporate furnishings such as seating and planters for landscaping.
1. Parking is permitted to encroach up to 1.0m into the required setback along 107 Avenue NW.
2. Vehicular circulation is permitted within the required setback along 120 Street NW and 107 Avenue NW.
3. Loading and waste collection areas shall be located in general accordance with Appendix 1 Site Plan.
4. A minimum of one (1) Off-street Loading space shall be provided for the Site.
5. Vehicular access and egress shall be provided from 120 Street NW and 107 Avenue NW. A maximum of two accesses shall be provided from 120 Street NW and a maximum of two accesses shall be provided from 107 Avenue NW, in general conformance with Appendix I Site Plan.
1. Notwithstanding Landscaping Regulations of the Zoning Bylaw, the proportion of deciduous to coniferous trees shall be approximately 70:30.
2. The required Landscape Plan submitted with a Development Permit application shall be prepared by a Landscape Architect registered with the Alberta Association of Landscape Architects (AALA).
3. Landscaping adjacent to exterior walls shall be used to minimize the perceived mass of the building and to create visual interest.
4. Landscaping shall use plant materials that provide colour throughout the year to enhance appearance during the winter months.
5. Winter design elements such as the use of colour and functional and decorative lighting to enhance the appearance of the building while minimizing light pollution during the winter months shall be incorporated.
6. A detailed exterior lighting plan shall be provided that demonstrates that decorative and security lighting is designed and finished to a high quality and will be provided to ensure a well-lit environment for pedestrians, and to accentuate architectural elements and public art.
7. The “potential redevelopment area” as shown on Appendix 1, may be used for:
a. Parking and a drive aisle in general conformance with Appendix 1; or
b. Landscaping, outdoor services and other site amenities. 
i. If the area is used for landscaping, outdoor services and other site amenities, the parking and drive aisle are to be removed to the satisfaction of the Development Officer, in consultation with the Subdivision and Development Coordination.
1. The building shall be finished with high quality and durable materials such as, but not limited to, masonry, metal, acrylic stucco and glass. The use of vinyl is prohibited on street facing facades.
2. Perceived massing shall be minimized through design elements such as variations to the roof line, window placement, awnings and articulation.
3. Façades facing 107 Avenue NW and 120 Street NW shall be designed to break the appearance into 11.0 m sections or less using a combination of recesses, projections, entrances, change in building materials, colours, and/or a physical breaks in building mass.
4. Each Storey shall have windows on all Façades facing a public roadway, unless it is a designated loading area.
5. A minimum of 50% clear, non-reflective glazing on the exterior of the ground floor to promote pedestrian interaction and safety. Proportion of glazing is calculated as a percent of linear metres at 1.5 m above finished Grade.
6. A maximum of 10% of the first Storey glazing may be covered by Signs. The remainder of the glazing shall remain free from obstruction.
7. Main building and all individual unit entrances for all Uses shall be designed for universal accessibility. Level changes from the sidewalk to entrances of buildings shall be minimized. Sidewalk furniture and other elements shall be located out of the travel path of entrances to ensure they are not obstacles to building access.
8. An active frontage including entrances to the uses contained in the building shall be provided along the 120 Street frontage.

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