DC2 1048

Stone Industrial - west of 175 Street and north of Stony Plain Road

Charter Bylaw 18700 (February 25, 2019)

To allow for a range of highway commercial, general retail and industrial business uses while requiring a high standard of appearance along a major city corridor.

This Provision shall apply to Lot 5, Block 3, Plan 852 2093, located west of 175 Street and north of Stony Plain Road, as shown on Schedule “A” of the Bylaw adopting this Provision, Stone Industrial.

a. Apartment Hotels
b. Auctioneering Establishments
c. Automotive and Equipment Repair Shops
d. Automotive and Minor Recreational Vehicle Sales/Rentals
e. Bars and Neighbourhood Pubs
f. Business Support Services
g. Cannabis Retail Sales
h. Convenience Retail Stores
i. Convenience Vehicle Rentals
j. Child Care Services
k. Drive-in Food Services
l. Equipment Rentals
m. Fleet Services
n. Funeral, Cremation and Interment Services
o. Gas Bars
p. General Industrial Uses
q. General Retail Stores
r. Greenhouses, Plant Nurseries and Garden Centres
s. Health Services
t. Hotels
u. Indoor Participant Recreation Services
v. Limited Contractor Services
w. Major Alcohol Sales
x. Major Service Stations
y. Media Studios
z. Minor Alcohol Sales
aa. Minor Amusement Establishments
bb. Minor Service Stations
cc. Mobile Catering Food Services
dd. Motels
ee. Outdoor Participant Recreation Services
ff. Personal Service Shops
gg. Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
hh. Rapid Drive-through Vehicles Services
ii. Recycling Depots
jj. Residential Sales Centres
kk. Restaurants
ll. Veterinary Services
mm. Warehouse Sales
nn. Fascia On-premises Signs
oo. Freestanding On-premises Signs
pp. Projecting On-premises Signs
a. There is no Site Plan appended to this Provision.
b. The maximum Floor Area Ratio shall be 1.2.
c. A minimum Setback of 7.5 m shall be required along the south property line Abutting the Stony Plain service road.
d. A minimum Setback of 6.0 m shall be required along the east property line Abutting 175 Street NW.
e. The maximum Height shall not exceed 14 m.
f. Notwithstanding subsection 4.e of this provision, the maximum Height for a Hotel or Apartment Hotel shall be 30 m.
g. No parking, loading, storage, trash collection, outdoor service or display area shall be permitted within a Setback.
h. Loading, storage and trash collection areas shall be located to the rear or sides of the principal building and shall be screened from view from any adjacent Sites, public roadways or LRT lines.
i. All exposed building Facades shall have consistent and harmonious exterior finishing materials.
j. Signs shall comply with the Sign Regulations of the Zoning Bylaw and Schedule 59E, as amended, including regulations for Discretionary Signs.
k. Signs located on the Facades of buildings shall be similar in proportion, construction materials and placement and shall be designed and located to ensure that the Signs do not detract from the overall appearance of the development, are not obtrusive, and have regard for the scale of the buildings on the Site and the distance of the building Setback.
l. The existing building on Site as of the date of this Bylaw shall not be expanded or enlarged. Interior alterations to accommodate appropriate changes of Use within the existing building are allowed. Notwithstanding, any future demolition and redevelopment of the Site shall comply with the provisions of this Direct Control.
m. Development of the Site shall comply with the General Performance Standards for Industrial Developments for the Industrial Business Zone.
a. In order to achieve a visually attractive major city corridor entrance, the following additional regulations shall apply to any redevelopment of the Site:
i. Notwithstanding subsection 4.c. of this provision, the Development Officer may increase the Setback from the south property line (Stony Plain service road) for buildings greater than 3,000 m2 in Floor Area and with a Height greater than 8 m.  The maximum building Setback required by the Development Officer shall not exceed one-half of the length of the building wall located next to the property line from which the Setback is measured.
ii. Notwithstanding subsection 4.c of this provision, the Development Officer may use variance power to reduce the Setback requirement from the south property line (Stony Plain service road) to a minimum width of 4.5m, provided that:
A. the average width of the Setback is not less than 6.0 m; and
B. this Setback width relaxation is required to allow for a more efficient utilization of the Site and the relaxation shall result in an articulation of the Setback width that shall enhance the overall appearance of the Site. 
iii. All development on a Site shall be constructed using similar architectural themes. An exception may be made to this general requirement where the function of an individual business dictates a specific style or image associated with a company.  In such cases, the development shall maintain harmony in terms of overall project design and appearance.
iv. All mechanical equipment, including roof mechanical units shall be concealed by screening or incorporation within the building roof in a manner that is consistent with the finishing of the building and the overall architectural themes of the development.
v. Any business premise or multiple occupancy building having a Floor Area greater than 3,000 m2 or a single wall length greater than 40 m that is visible from Stony Plain Road NW shall comply with the following:
A. the roof line and building Façade shall include design elements that reduce the perceived mass of the building and add architectural interest;
B. the exterior wall finishing materials shall be predominantly composed of muted colours, with strong colours limited to use as an accent, so as to minimize the perceived mass of the building; and
C. Landscaping to exterior walls visible from Stony Plain Road NW shall be used to minimize the perceived mass of the building and to create visual interest. 
vi. A detailed Landscape Plan prepared by a Landscape Architect registered with the Alberta Association of Landscape Architects shall be submitted for review and approval by the Development Officer. The Landscape Plan shall ensure a high standard of appearance within the Setbacks and adjacent to buildings visible from Stony Plain Road NW, and shall be to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
vii. Entrances, exits and on-site routes of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians shall be located and designed in a manner that demonstrates and plans for safe, universally accessible, and efficient movement into and throughout the Site to the satisfaction of the Development Officer, in consultation with the appropriate City department.
viii. Adjoining sites shall be integrated by direct on-site access connections to facilitate convenient, efficient and free flowing vehicular traffic and pedestrian movements within and between Sites, where possible, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer, in consultation with the appropriate City department.
ix. All line utility services (such as electricity, telephone and C.A.T.V.) shall be underground.  For greater certainty, underground electrical services shall be provided for Signs requiring such services.
a. All goods and equipment to be auctioned or rented in Auctioneering Establishments or Equipment Rentals Uses shall be stored and displayed within an enclosed building.
b. Notwithstanding Section 7.5(3) of the Zoning Bylaw, General Industrial Uses shall
i. be limited to the storage of materials, goods and / or equipment within an enclosed building;
ii. be located within the northern 40 m of the building; and
iii. not have overhead doors or vehicular loading and unloading facing a public roadway.
c. The following Uses shall not be developed as a standalone building or within a building where it is the principal Use:
i. Convenience Retail Stores
ii. Convenience Vehicle Rentals
iii. Health Services
iv. Indoor Participant Recreation Services
v. Outdoor Participant Recreation Services
vi. Personal Service Shops
d. The following regulations shall apply to Automotive and Minor Recreational Vehicles Sales / Rentals and  Convenience Vehicle Rentals developments:
i. All storage, display or parking areas shall be Hardsurfaced;
ii. Lighting for the display areas shall be mounted on lamp standards and no exposed bulbs or strings of lights shall be used; and
iii. The size, location, screening and landscaping of the outdoor vehicular display area shall be subject to the approval of the Development Officer, who shall ensure that development of the site is compatible with the appearance of site design of surrounding developments.
e. The minimum gross Floor Area for Warehouse Sales shall not be less than 1,000 m2 unless at least fifty percent of the gross Floor Area of the establishment is used for warehousing or storage of the goods sold or distributed from the establishment.
f. Gas Bars, Minor and Major Service Stations and Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services shall be developed such that any canopy located over the gas pump islands shall be designed and finished in a manner consistent with the design and finishing of the principal building, such that the canopy is not obtrusive and maintains consistency with the eave line of the principal building.

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