DC2 1028

Parsons Industrial - Lot 3, Block 13, Plan 0422514

Bylaw 18574 - Schedule "B" (October 22, 2018)

To establish a Site Specific Development Control Provision to accommodate industrial business uses, offices and a limited range of commercial uses that will ensure compatibility with residential land uses to the east and a high standard of appearance appropriate to the function of 91 Street.

This Provision shall apply to Lot 3, Block 13, Plan 0422514 as shown on Schedule ‘A’ of the Bylaw adopting this Provision, Parsons Industrial.

a. Auctioneering Establishments
b. Automotive and Equipment Repair Shops
c. Automotive and Minor Recreation Vehicle Sales/Rentals
d. Bars and Neighbourhood Pubs
e. Business Support Services
f. Commercial Schools
g. Convenience Retail Stores
h. Convenience Vehicle Rentals
i. Drive-in Food Services
j. Equipment Rentals
k. Gas Bars
l. General Retail Stores
m. Government Services
n. Greenhouses, Plant Nurseries and Garden Centres
o. Health Services
p. Hotels
q. Indoor Participant Recreation Services
r. Limited Contractor Services
s. Major Alcohol Sales
t. Major Amusement Establishments
u. Media Studios
v. Minor Alcohol Sales
w. Minor Amusement Establishments
x. Motels
y. Nightclubs
z. Personal Service Shops
aa. Private Clubs
bb. Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
cc. Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services
dd. Restaurants
ee. Specialty Food Services
ff. Truck and Mobile Home Sales/Rentals
gg. Urban Indoor Farms
hh. Veterinary Services
ii. Warehouse Sales
jj. Fascia Off-premises Signs
kk. Fascia On-premises Signs
ll. Freestanding Off-premises Signs
mm. Freestanding On-premises Signs
nn. Projecting On-premises Signs
oo. Temporary On-premises Signs
a. There is no site plan appended to this Provision.
b. The maximum Floor Area Ratio shall be 1.2.
c. Notwithstanding subsection 4(b) of this provision, the maximum Floor Area Ratio for Hotels and Motels may be increased by 0.3 FAR.
d. The maximum building Height shall not exceed 12 m.
e. Notwithstanding subsection 4(d) of this provision, the maximum building Height for Hotels shall not exceed 33 m and the maximum building Height for Motels shall not exceed 16 m.
f. A minimum 6.0 m Setback shall be provided adjacent to 91 Street.
g. A minimum 3.0 m Setback shall be provided from all property lines abutting public roadways other than 91 Street.
h. Signs shall comply with the regulations found in Schedule 59F.
a. Landscaping shall comply with Section 55, as amended, except that:
i. The 91 Street Setback shall be planted with a minimum of four mature deciduous trees (minimum 8.0 cm in caliper), four mature coniferous trees (minimum 3 m in height) and 20 shrubs, all for each 35 m of frontage. The plant material shall be grouped into modules not exceeding 25 m in length.
ii. All other Setbacks shall include the planting of mature deciduous trees (minimum 8.0 cm in caliper) and coniferous trees (minimum 3 m in height) at a maximum spacing of 5 m, except where interrupted by driveways.
iii. Where off-street parking for fifty or more vehicles is required, and is being provided at grade, dispersed landscaped areas shall be provided within the interior of the parking area(s) for the purpose of providing visual relief and to breakup large areas of parking into smaller cells. This landscaping treatment shall be to the satisfaction of the Development Officer and shall be:
I. in the form of landscaped islands, particularly at the termini of long rows of parking; tree lines separating facing rows of parking stalls; or some other combination of landscaping treatments;
II. provided as a minimum of 1.7 m2 of landscaping in the interior of the parking area(s) for each parking space provided, and shall consist of deciduous trees (a minimum caliper of 6.0 cm), coniferous trees (a minimum height of 3m) and shrubs.
b. No parking, loading, storage, trash collection, outdoor service, or display area shall be permitted within a required Setback. Loading, storage, and trash collection areas shall be located to the rear or sides of the principal building and shall be screened from view from any adjacent Sites or public roadways in accordance with the provisions of the Zoning Bylaw, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
a. All exterior finishing materials must be of good quality, durable and attractive in appearance with consistent treatment on all faces of a building. No painted and/or scored concrete block construction will be permitted on any building facade which is visible from a public roadway.
b. Any business premise or multiple occupancy building having a ground Floor Area greater than 2500 m2 or with a single wall exceeding 30 m in length shall comply with the following design guidelines:
i. the roofline and building facade shall include design elements and variations that reduce the perceived mass of the building and add architectural interest;
ii. the exterior wall finishing materials shall be predominantly comprised of light earth tone or muted colours, and consist of brick, precast concrete, textured concrete, stone, glazing or stucco, prefinished metal, with wood limited to use as an accent;
iii. the finishing treatment of exterior walls shall be consistent on all building faces; and
iv. the provision of landscaping to minimize the perceived mass of the building and create visual interest.
c. On-site security and building lighting shall be situated and designed such that the illumination is directed downwards and no direct rays of light are directed outward from the Site.
d. All mechanical equipment on the roof of any building shall be concealed by screening in a manner compatible with the architectural character of the building, or concealed by incorporating it within the building roof.
a. The following regulations shall apply to Automotive and Minor Recreation Vehicle Sales/Rentals, Convenience Vehicle Rentals, and Truck and Mobile Home Sales/Rentals developments:
i. the size, location, screening and landscaping of any outdoor vehicular display areas shall be subject to the approval of the Development Officer, who shall ensure that development of the site is compatible with the appearance or site design of surrounding developments and achieves a high standard of appearance appropriate to the location of this DC2 Provision, adjacent to a major City arterial road;
ii. all storage, display or parking areas shall be Hardsurfaced in accordance with the Zoning Bylaw; and
iii. lighting for the display areas shall be mounted on lamp standards and no exposed bulbs or strings of lights shall be used.
b. The minimum gross Floor Area for a Warehouse Sales establishment shall not be less than 1000 m2 unless at least fifty percent of the gross floor area of the establishment is used for warehousing or storage of the goods sold or distributed from the establishment.
c. The maximum gross Floor Area for a General Retail Use shall be not greater than 2000 m2 of retail space, not including storage, warehousing, or food processing (bakery, meat preparation, etc.) area.
d. A General Retail Use shall be ancillary and complimentary to a Hotel/Motel development, a Warehouse Sales facility, Automotive and Minor Recreation Vehicle Sales or other large scale developments allowed as the principal uses of this DC2 Provision. Establishments that sell a broad range of personal and consumer goods typical of a department store, supermarket, or drug mart type of operation shall not be allowed.
e. Automotive and Equipment Repair Shops and Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services shall be located so that any overhead doors shall not be oriented towards 91 Street.
f. Drive-in Food Services, Gas Bars, Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services, and any accessory drive-up service windows in any listed Use shall be developed in accordance with the following additional criteria:
i. the design, finishing, and siting of development, including the orientation of gas pump islands, service bays, and accessory food drive-up service windows, shall be to the satisfaction of the Development Officer having regard to achieving a consistent and compatible relationship with the overall design and finishing of the project, ensuring a high standard of appearance when viewed from adjacent public roadways, and minimizing traffic circulation conflicts both off and on-site;
ii. any canopy located over the gas pump islands shall be designed and finished in a manner consistent with the design and finishing of any adjacent principal building; and
iii. the overall height and scale of the canopy shall be developed to be to the satisfaction of the Development Officer, such that the canopy is not obtrusive and maintains consistency with the eave line of the principal building.
g. Auctioneering Establishments, Automotive and Equipment Repair Shops, and Equipment Rentals shall be completely enclosed, with no outdoor storage.

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