DC2 1014

McArthur Industrial - south of 137 Avenue NW and east of Mark Messier Trail

Bylaw 18545 (September 17, 2018)

To establish a Site Specific Development Control District for a range of commercial uses having site specific development regulations which will ensure compatibility with adjacent existing and proposed commercial and industrial Zonings and a high standard of appearance appropriate to the site’s location at the intersection of two major commercial corridors.

Lot 14, Lot 15, Lot 16 and Lot 17, Block 13A, Plan 9926834, located south of 137 Avenue NW and east of Mark Messier Trail, McArthur Industrial

a. Amusement Establishments, Major
b. Amusement Establishments, Minor
c. Automotive and Equipment Repair Shops
d. Bars and Neighbourhood Pubs
e. Business Support Services
f. Cannabis Retail Sales
g. Commercial Schools
h. Drive-in Food Services
i. Gas Bars
j. Government Services
k. Health Services
l. Indoor Participant Recreation Services
m. Major Alcohol Sales
n. Major Service Stations
o. Minor Alcohol Sales
p. Minor Service Stations
q. Personal Service Shops
r. Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
s. Restaurants
t. Specialty Food Services
u. Spectator Entertainment Establishments
v. Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services
w. Retail Stores, Convenience
x. Retail Stores, General
y. Warehouse Sales
z. Fascia On-premises Signs
aa. Freestanding On-premises Signs
bb. Projecting On-premises Signs
cc. Temporary On-premises Signs
dd. Major Digital Signs
ee. Minor Digital Off-premises Signs
ff. Minor Digital On-premises Off-premises Signs
gg. Minor Digital On-premises Signs
a. Notwithstanding Section 720.3 (2) of the Zoning Bylaw, no Site Plan is appended to this Provision.
b. Bars and Neighbourhood Pubs, shall not exceed 250 occupants and 290 m2 of Public Space and shall be accessory use to Motels, Hotels, and Restaurants only.
c. Specialty Food Services shall not exceed 250 occupants and 290 m2 of Public Space.
d. Restaurants shall not exceed 350 occupants and 700 m2 of Public Space
e. Signs shall comply with the regulations of Schedule 59E and any other provisions of the Zoning Bylaw. Development in this District shall comply the development regulations of Section 320.4 of the Zoning Bylaw. However, notwithstanding Section 59E, the maximum area of a Free Standing Sign shall be 24m2.
f. The maximum building height shall not exceed 14 m (45.9 ft.), except for Spectator Entertainment Establishments and Major Amusement Establishments where the maximum building height shall not exceed 25 m (82.0 ft.) and may contain architectural projections or special attraction building envelopes being limited to an additional maximum height of 7.5 m (24.6 ft.).
g. For buildings exceeding 14 m (45.9 ft.) in building height, the minimum building set back from St. Albert Trail and 137 Avenue shall be 50 m (164.0 ft.) and shall be a minimum of 14 m (45.9 ft.) from any other property line.
h. Development in this District shall comply with the Overlay Schedule for Major Commercial Corridors in Section 813 of the Zoning Bylaw.

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