DC2 1002

Paisley - a portion of 3041 Paisley Green SW

Bylaw 18465 (July 9, 2018)

The purpose of this Zone is to provide for medium density housing in the form of Semi-detached, Row Housing, Stacked Row Housing and Apartment Housing, where some units may not be at Grade allowing for more efficient utilization of the site.

This Provision shall apply to a portion of 3041 Paisley Green SW,  containing approximately 1.56 ha, located south and west of Paisley Drive, as shown on Schedule "A” of the Bylaw adopting this Provision.

a. Apartment Housing
b. Duplex Housing
c. Limited Group Homes
d. Lodging Houses
e. Minor Home Based Business
f. Major Home Based Business
g. Residential Sales Centre
h. Row Housing
i. Semi-detached Housing
j. Stacked Row Housing
k. Urban Gardens
l. Urban Indoor Farms
m. Urban Outdoor Farms
n. Fascia On-premises Signs
o. Freestanding On-premises Signs
p. Projecting On-premises Signs
q. Temporary On-premises Signs
a. Notwithstanding Section 720.3 (2), no Site Plan is appended to this Provision.
b. The maximum Density shall be a 125 Dwellings/ha and a minimum Density of 45 Dwellings/ha.
c. The maximum Height shall not exceed:
i. 14.5 m when the roof has a slope of less than 4/12 (18.4 degrees) or 16.0 m where a roof has slope of 4/12 (18.4 degrees) or greater, in accordance with Section 52.
ii. 12 m, for Semi-detached Housing.
d. The maximum Floor Area Ratio shall be 1.3.  The maximum Floor Area Ratio may be increased to 1.4 when underground parking is provided.
e. For Semi-detached Housing within a Multi-unit Project Development, the maximum total Site Coverage shall be 40%, with a maximum of 28% for a principal building and a maximum of 12% for Accessory buildings. Where parking is provided as an enclosed integral part of the development, the maximum for principal buildings shall be 40%.
f. Row housing shall be limited to a maximum of 5 units per building.
g. The minimum Front Setback shall be 6.0 m, or 3.0 m when abutting a treed landscaped boulevard.
h. The minimum Rear Setback shall be 7.5 m, except the Rear Setback may be reduced to 3.0 m where vehicular access is provided from a lane.
i. The minimum Side Setback shall be 1.0 m for each Storey or partial Storey, except that a total of at least 2.0 m shall be provided in all cases. A Side Setback shall be not less than 4.5 m when it abuts a flanking public roadway other than a Lane.
j. Separation Space shall be provided in accordance with Section 48 of this Bylaw, except that it shall not be required:
i. Where side walls of abutting buildings face each other and habitable windows are not located directly opposite each, such that privacy is not impacted and:
A. In the case of Dwellings on separate Sites, each development complies with the minimum Side Setback requirements for each Dwelling;
B. In the case of Dwellings on the same Site, the separation distance between Dwellings is at least equal to the total of the minimum Side Setback requirements for both Dwellings.
k. The Side setback for Semi-Detached units shall be 1.2 m.
l. Notwithstanding the other regulations of this Zone, where any building exceeds 12.0 m in Height and abuts a Site zoned to allow Single Detached Housing as a Permitted Use in the (HLVD) Heritage Valley Low Density Zone, the following regulations shall apply along the said property line:
i. a minimum setback of 7.5 m, or 3.0 m where garage access is provided from a lane, shall be required, except that:
A. where a building exceeds 12.0 m in Height, the portion of the building exceeding the said Height shall have a minimum 2.5 m Stepback;
B. the Development Officer may reduce this Setback to a minimum of 1.0 m per Storey or partial Storey where an acceptable landscape buffer is provided to the satisfaction of the Development Officer. In no case shall the setback be less than 3.0 m.
ii. the Development Officer may reduce the minimum Stepback where:
A. a sun shadow study, prepared by a qualified, registered Professional Engineer or Architect, demonstrates the shadow impact is minimal, using March 21 and September 21 as the benchmark; or
B. variations in Setbacks and Stepbacks, recessed balconies, or other design techniques minimize building massing and/or shadow impacts, and provide architectural interest, complimentary to the surrounding development;
iii. no outdoor parking, garbage collection, common amenity areas, or outdoor storage areas shall be developed within 3.0 m;
iv. a solid screen fence, 1.8 m in Height, shall be installed where abutting the HLVD Zone.
v. a demarcation fence, 1.2 m in Height, shall be installed abutting the public utility corridor to the west and urban village park to the north.
vi. fencing shall not be required abutting public roadway, including where garage access is provided from a lane;
vii. design techniques including, but not limited to, the use of sloped roofs, variations in building setbacks and articulation of building façades, shall be employed in order to minimize the perception of massing of the building when viewed from adjacent residential areas and roadways; and
viii. building finishes shall be compatible with the exterior finishing materials and colours typical of adjacent development.
m. A minimum Amenity Area of 7.5 m2 per Dwelling is required. This required Amenity Area may be provided as Private Outdoor Amenity Area, or as communal recreation space that is aggregated into areas of not less than 50 m2.
i. Amenity Area provided as communal recreation space may be provided indoors or outdoors.
ii. When Amenity Area is provided as communal recreation space outdoors, it shall be provided in an area that is central to the overall development in a courtyard type configuration.
n. Dwelling Units shall be oriented to the public roadway other than a lane and have a clearly identifiable primary entrance facing a public roadway other than a lane, except in the case of Stacked Row Housing where access to Dwellings above the first Storey may be shared by two dwellings.
o. A minimum of 90% of Principal Dwellings on the Site shall be any combination of Apartment, Row Housing and/or Stacked Row Housing.
p. The roof design of a building may include Green Roofs, solar collectors, Rooftop Terrace, and/or Amenity Area for residents of the building.
q. All roof leaders from the Dwelling shall be connected to the individual storm sewer service for each Lot.
r. Maintenance and drainage and utility easement(s) may be required between abutting properties or through private Yards of one or more Dwellings to ensure adequate access for property, drainage and utility maintenance.
s. Landscaping shall be in accordance with regulations found in Schedule 55 of this Bylaw.
t. Signs shall comply with the regulations found in Schedule 59B of this Bylaw and any other provisions of the Zoning Bylaw.

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